Mission: Enable businesses to build and manage collaborative relationships within their ecosystems to thrive in the emerging decentralized economy

Loyakk's mission is to completely transform how companies interact in the new decentralized economy to drive new business and value across borders. Loyakk is building next-generation ‘Enterprise Value Webs’ powered by our patent-pending Blockchain-enabled VEGA Enterprise Relationship Platform that will enable secure inter-company movement of sales data & value across their ecosystem of Partners, Channel, Distributors and Suppliers across the globe.

The Loyakk platform is being orchestrated by an exceptional team that architected ETrade’s Option Trading Platform, developed High Frequency Trading Platforms at CMT and Penson, built business and infrastructure analytics solutions for large enterprises and with multi-billion dollar solutions and marketing experience from SAP, Oracle-Siebel and VMware.

VEGA will transform distributed enterprise ecosystem relationships by:

  1. Streamlining information exchange, collaboration and engagement between all members of the ecosystem - via decentralized mobile or web applications
  2. Enabling permissioned access to relevant data and delivering personalized experiences for ecosystem members based on their identity, relationship and business contexts
  3. Accelerating large complex deals and project execution involving multiple parties with smart contract management
  4. Facilitating timely and accurate movement of assets and value between participants across the ecosystem, locally and globally.
  5. Ensuring that both Enterprise-wide data and external interactions across the ecosystem can be independently verified by customers, partners, auditors & regulators
  6. Increasing the velocity of businesses by automating key processes & smart contracts, and by enabling faster, better decisions via actionable insights drawn from across the value web

Some of our Customers

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“Salim and the team at Loyakk have an audacious goal that is grounded in clear thinking and deep enterprise DNA”
- Jonathan Becher
Chief Digital Officer, SAP
"The Loyakk team has hit upon a motherlode of value in blockchain for enterprise applications. Salim and his talented team have seen the need from past experiences and have put in the deep thought required to create a truly disruptive platform that will create tremendous value".
-Sanjib Kalita,
CMO, Money2020
“I have invested into Loyakk as they have the opportunity to do something very transformative bringing blockchain into the heart of Enterprise Applications and be the next Salesforce and more"
- Eric Klein
Angel Investor, Partner, Lemnos Labs
“The potent combo of Loyakk’s technical team and rich business background from SAP, VMware, Oracle-Siebel, and IBM is unique, and one of the drivers for my involvement. Loyakk has the potential to transform the Enterprise Application space"
-Patricia Hatter
ex-CIO, McAfee
“Loyakk is reimagining the future of business applications for the blockchain world and they have my attention and investment”.
-Gerry McClement
Leading UK Bank, Investor
“Loyakk has built a truly innovative platform with a vision for transforming enterprise relationships with customers and channel partners. We are not just partnering you to help our large customers leverage your platform, but also have been a happy customer”.
- Santosh Gopal
VP, Mphasis Inc., Customer & Partner
"Given my SAP and WorkDay background, I am very excited by what the team at Loyakk is up to. Their vision for the next generation of Enterprise Applications is very transformative, and they have the potential to become a multi-billion dollar behemoth like SAP - for the new world powered by Blockchain".
-James Huang,
VP, Partners, Workday
“I see huge potential for Loyakk to completely disrupt the financial services industry melding blockchain with enterprise applications, and have made a personal funding investment into Loyakk”
- Shankar Arora
Sr. Vice President Citibank, Investor
“Love the innovative thinking approach that Loyakk is bringing to transform Enterprise Relationships. My investment is to accelerate their efforts to build the next big enterprise platform”
- Vic Kaul
Ex-Partner Mgt Exec, VMware

VEGA Enterprise Relationship Platform

VEGA is the enterprise relationship management platform that enables enterprises to drive and grow collaborative business relationships with their customers, partners, channel and suppliers. Vega's patent-pending technology enables configuration and deployment of complex relationship structures and enable businesses to interact and transact across their distributed business relationships and create powerful value-based ecosystems.

Enterprise ecosystems are complex environments that involve the dynamic interplay of companies, processes, people, products, and services that span the creation and delivery of value to end customers. Loyakk recognizes this and has designed and built VEGA to power 'Enterprise Value Webs’ that combines various Systems of Engagement, Systems of Intelligence, and Systems of Record to create new comprehensive 'Systems of Value' for industry-specific ecosystems. These VEGA-powered Enterprise Value Webs will enable verifiable, immutable & provenance-tracked data movement, relationship management, and value-movement capabilities.

Loyakk Vega Enterprise Relationship Management Application

The Loyakk Vega Enterprise Relationship Application includes a set of purpose-built application modules that enable an enterprise to manage relationships across its business network covering customers, channel, partners, distributors and supplier relationships. The Vega Enterprise Relationship Application leverages blockchain capabilities with use of Loyakk tokens to enable secure exchange of data, relationship information and value across businesses.

Loyakk Vega Enterprise Relationship Management

Business Overview

Solution Architecture Overview

Token Terms

High-Tech Industry Enterprise Relationship Use Case (B2B)

Enterprises will reimagine how they manage their High Value relationships across their business networks. By bringing partners, contractors, resellers and other sales agents into the sales cycle, businesses will be able to transform how they engage across their global ecosystem. Selectively sharing and tracking deal and project information, jointly managing projects, making investments and paying contractors & vendors across the globe will be seamless thus helping accelerate deal and project execution; improve overall deal & project profitability while greatly reducing project risks.

Insurance industry use case

With VEGA's ability to provide a shared data repository/ ledger across multiple untrusted parties in the value web, Insurers can independently verify the authenticity of customers, policies and transactions by providing a complete historical record and eliminate errors, as well as increase the velocity of the quote and policy issuance processes. Within claims management, new data streams can enhance the risk selection process by combining location, external risk data. A distributed value web can enable the insurer and various third parties to easily and instantly access and update relevant information (e.g., claim forms, evidence, police reports and third-party review reports) and efficiently execute their roles via pre-established smart contracts. Such a value web is essential to establishing an efficient, transparent and customer-focused claims model based on higher degrees of trust and exceptional customer experience.


The Loyakk Vega Roadmap

Our Team

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Salim Ali

CEO & Co-Founder

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Jitu Telang

CTO & Co-founder

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Shankar Arora

Advisor & Investor
Sr. Vice President, Citibank

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Jonathan Becher

Chief Digital Officer, SAP

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Harry Brady

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

team pic

Kevin Fliess

Advisor & Investor,
VP Marketing & Sales, ATPCO

team pic

Patricia Hatter

ex-CIO , McAfee

team pic

Gary Hall, Jr.

Advisor10-time Olympic
Gold Medallist, US Swimming

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Sanjib Kalita

CMO, Money2020

team pic

Eric Klein

Advisor & Investor,
Partner, Lemnos Labs

team pic

Vic Mahadevan

ex-Chief Strategy Officer, NetApp

team pic

Gerry Mcclement

Leading UK Bank

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Jaijiv Prabhakaran

Chief Architect

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Sadiq Quasim

Director, Europe

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Rakesh Sreekumar

Chief Marketing Officer