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“Blockchain-powered business networks is a very compelling notion when you consider the needs of business to streamline & secure interactions across the business partner network. Loyakk’s vision and platform to create decentralized Value Webs holds much potential”.

Global CIO, Nissan Motors,
Anthony Thomas
Blockchain Token Sale

“Salim and the team at Loyakk have an audacious goal that is grounded in clear thinking and deep enterprise DNA”

President, San Jose Sharks / ex-Chief Digital Officer, SAP
Jonathan Becher,
Smart Contracts

“Loyakk has a very innovative way of looking at Business Networks through the Blockchain lens. Love what they are doing and I look forward to their journey”.

Director, Uber
Blockchain Token Sale

“There is tremendous opportunity for the Loyakk Blockchain-enabled Enterprise Relationship platform to eliminate a lot of the friction that characterises business interactions – across consumer and businesses – and I am thrilled to participate in this journey”

ex-Executive Vice President, Time Inc.

“The potent combo of Loyakk’s technical team and rich business background from SAP, VMware, Oracle-Siebel, and IBM is unique, and one of the drivers for my involvement. Loyakk has the potential to transform the Enterprise Application space”

Ex-CIO, McAfee, Intel
Patricia Hatter
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”HMG Strategy’s partnership with Loyakk is incredibly exciting, given its potential for disrupting enterprise applications and for how
businesses manage globally distributed relationships”

President & CEO, HMG Strategy
Blockchain Token Sale

“I have invested into Loyakk as they have the opportunity to do something very transformative by bringing blockchain into the heart of Enterprise Applications, and be the next SAP and more”

Angel Investor, Partner, Lemnos Labs
Eric Klein
Blockchain Ecosystem

”We very much believe in Loyakk’s vision of Enterprise Relationship Management powered by blockchain to transform how businesses
interact and transact across their ecosystem of customers, partners, suppliers and vendors.”

Partner, Ai8 ventures
Blockchain Token Sale

“Blockchain will impact industries well beyond FinTech. Loyakk will be the disrupter in enabling businesses to create networks powered by Blockchain”.

CTO, Zurich Latin America
Erwin A Rezelman
Blockchain Token Sale

“Given my SAP and WorkDay background, I am very excited by what the team at Loyakk is up to. Their vision for the next generation of Enterprise Applications is very transformative, and they have the potential to become a multi -billion -dollar behemoth like SAP – for the new world powered by Blockchain”

Vice President, Workforce Software
Blockchain for Industry

“The Loyakk team has hit upon a motherlode of value in blockchain for enterprise applications. Salim and his talented team have seen the need from past experiences and have put in the deep thought required to create a truly disruptive platform that will create tremendous value”

Chief Marketing Officer, Money202O